Harriet Fletcher to Ruth Colton, 1837 October 5

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Waterville Oct the 5 1837Friend Ruth

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I suppose you have been waiting very impatiently to hear from us but the reason of my not answer your letter before was because it was just before I received your letter that I saw Mr and I wanted to see him before I wrote to you so that I could write the conclusion of the whole matter and I saw him the last Sabbath and expect to leave the 17 or 18 of this month and I want you to be sure and be here at that time Mother has got a cloak she wants you to have make about that time and perhaps we shall have some cloth dressed by that time for you to make we shall send it to mill to day O Ruth you must come if you have to take the Stage you must Mr Pratt to fetch you here or to Johnson and then take the Stage I presume you will have sewing to do round here and if you think you can not stay, I rather think that some one of our folks will see you to Johnson Ruth I shall certainly expect you here in one week from next Monday I am short for paper and have been in a great hurry and so you must excuse all

Harriet E Fletcher


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