Carseldana Colton to Ruth Fletcher, 1841 December 29

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I think that she would like to live here we have Methodist metings about a mile from here and other metings grandmother fell and hurt her in Sept she could not get her dress on for six weeks and she cannot dress herself now I was very sorry to hear that Mrs Poland was dead I am now at school I have not had no time to write at home so I I would write to school I have got a very bad cold I study Arithmitic and grammer we have a very good school I want Ruth you canot tell how I want to see you you must excuse my not writing but I know that I am to blame last spring I was sick with a fever but the neighbors was very good this summer I was sick down [    ] I blood most three I was very sick I did not expect to get nor nobody did but by the providence of God i did O Dear aunt how I want to see you if I never see you in this world I hope to see you in another O how we ought to live with all godly conversation O aunt pray for me that may meet you on the [shores of eternity] there to praise God forever. write to me as soon as you receive this do not be so as I was I do not know as you can read this when I first began this my pen was very poor and my ink to cannot think of no more to write but if I could see you I could you enough [      ] so I must draw to a close

your affectionate nieceCarseldana A Colton

excuse the bad spelling I was in a hurry

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December 29 1841


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