Mary Pratt to Andrew and Ruth Fletcher, 1849 April 8

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Danville April 8th 1849Dear Uncle Aunts and Cousins

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as an oppertunity presents itself I will improve it in writing a few lines I received your kind letter and was highly gratified to learn that you had not forgotten me and were enjoying comfortable health I received A letter from Mary S the same day that I received yours she was rather lonesome but thought she should like if I could only see you I could talk now I tell you for I have got lotts to say I dont know what to say first I should like to see that little one but I am rather afraid it will not be so that I can for some time Cornelius is here and wishes me to stay through the summer it depends A good deal on my health if it remains good perhaps I shall stay it is such A good place I know that you would not worry about me a bit if you knew I havnt told about Cornelius but I will well after he was at your house he went to Craftsbury and told that he was going to York State and was agoing the next week so he came to see me before he went and I had rather he wouldnt go so i [       ] him till he said he would not go if I would let him stay with me he works for Mr H. not in the factory but on a farm and is to have his pay in money only that part which he wants in clothing he has been here about [3] weeks likes well so far. I am in hopes he will be A good boy and do as well as he can he send his best respects to you all and wants you to write him Cornelius is to have 60 and 3 months schooling for one yearI think Estelle is averry pretty name but call her what you had rather only be sure and have a pretty name and one that is odd

This added sentence may refer to the heifer Mary mentions at the end of her letter.

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Wednesday morning my fingers are so cold I can hardly hold my pen I have got to wait all day for work and am going to work on some pants for Cornelius I dont know how I shall succeed for you know I never made any I have had some warm sugar three times this spring I went to Peacham visiting past day had all the warm sugar that I wanted and A good visit but I should much rather been at home I heard from Mr Sprague,s A few days ago they were all well you know he said that he would send some geese to Mrs Crocker but he has forgotten it long ago i am sorry for if i could get A bed by letting her have the geese I should be verry glad I wish if Uncle A has any time to spare he would go and get what he can from her and I will pay him all he asks he may tell her just such A story as he pleases and I will sanction it I should like to know whether you have got your new [beadstead,s] or not and if you have if you like them I hope you will make your carpet this summer for I should want to see it when I come home write who you have let your farm to and for how long I suppose the way the alders will be rooted out will be A Caution and it will look so nice round there that I shant know when I get home and then Craig and Emma will go to school and learn so much and grow so fast that I wont hardly know them I wish that I had them both here this minute I guess they would get such A kissing as they dont get every day I dont suppose they care much about seeing me but I should be glad enough to see them and all the rest of you I wish you would write where Luke is and what he is doing

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the last time that i see him you know what he told me I pretended not to believe it but now I hav no reason to dout it I should be glad to hear from Emily and every body you know that where i am i dont hear scarcely any news only what you write so I want you should write as often as you can if you knew the folks here I could write about them but there is no one but Mr Applebee he behaves verry well for him dont have A high only once and A while when he can plan some excuse for A little money his wife has got A daughter most 3 weeks old bill & Jack are both in Mass Mr Harvey's girls are both in Newbury going to school at the seminary they will be at home in 6 weeks I shall be glad when they get home for I am rather lonesome when they are gone I believe I have not written to you since I went to Craftsbury I did not stay only one night I [guess] Cornelius told you about it and that Elijah H had a little girl and while C was at your house they came here on A visit and their little girl was taken sick and died how bad they felt to go home without it it was 9 weeks old when it died I wish you would write where Maria is if she is at home and if she is going to stay there give my love to her and tell her I should like to have her write I have not written half that I want to but I suppose I had ought to go to work you must all write and write every thing that is going on I guess that I have mistakes enough but never mind Uncle A dont sell my heifer for if you do I shall feel bad enough for you know she belongs to me fair enough,

good-by to you all for now write as soon as you can fromM F P


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