Mary Harvey to Ruth Fletcher, 1850 April 28

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Danville April 28th 50Dear Aunt

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I suppose that you are wishing to hear from me so I will undertake to write a few words you must not expect much for there is not much to write about we are all well and happy & contented as the saying is we received a letter from Cornelius last tuesday he said that he had written you. I should think by his writing that he was enjoying himself verry well he writes often and I am real glad and wish that I could hear from you as often

you said that you had got a new dress well I am awful glad and I hav got one to it is green callico will tell you something els ive got a set of silvr teaspoons mustard spoon sugar & salt shovel & 1 pair of table spoons the same of them that I bought of Mr Clarke and that aint all I hav got som gold but it is in my teath I have had [ ] filled and one extracted and they say that i have got to loose 2 more it cost 9 dollars you know that we live in a house alone well we are going to move into Orison,s house before long then [ ] Kate and I will have fine times

now aunt Ruth you didnt write one word about the pedler and you cant tell how bad I felt

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aint you and uncle Andrew comeing to see us before long we should be verry much highly tickled to see you and I guess that we could keep you over night just as weller as not tell uncle Andrew to harness up and fetch over a whole grist babies and all aunt L could come as well as not tell Craig that I must hav tiger for our kitty has got 2 little kitty,s and it wont be long before they will be large enough to play and we must have him to play with them I wish that the next time that you write you would write what the babys name is for I want to know you said that Mary H was going to be [who to,] that Fletcher well I dont beleive that she will be no more than I beleive I shall go to california now all of you write and write all the news and every thing please excuse my nonsense and mistakes and I will try and do better next time the girls feel rather disappointed because I dont act old but never mind I dont feel old

oh I had almost forgotten to tell you that Field and Mary Bacon had quit even and that Eliza Rollins was is going to start for home tomorrow morning and that Field is going to carry her to Craftsbury our folks got a letter from Charls

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last night he does not talk of comeing home this sumer Abba is going to Montpelier next week intends staying 10 weeks Elijah,s folks have got A little boy 2 4 weeks old Mary is at home Caleb,s regards for you all and now I must close for we are going for A walk good buy all on ye till I come buy to see you and I cant tell when that will be

Afectionately yoursMary. F. H.

it was 4 months last thursday since I started from your house

write often

my respects to all


Mr. Andrew. Fletcher.Watterville.Vermont.DanvilleVt.May 1