Lyman Colton to Ruth Fletcher, [1858?] April 23

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Otsego April 23/1858(?)Dear Aunt

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After a long silence I take my pen to write a few lines to you; and to yours generally; I am in good health at present and so with the rest of our family; that is, as far as can be expected. Father is growing old, and I think he is failing some; Verona does not enjoy very good health, She has rather more work than she ought to do, and the additional care of her babe, seems to tax all her energy: Seth is as comfortable as usual, and our little Nephew, is as keen, [as] full of mischief as he can be. Vs babe is a real fat, healthy, little chub; her name is Sarah Eveline; she is about 10 weeks old. Unkle L family are well. I am at home, at present, for a few days; I have been away most of the winter, and spring, engaged a good share of the

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time, in ministerial labor: I expect to commence teaching school, soon. which with other duties that [devolve] upon me, will take up the most of my time, during the summer. I am aware, that it is a long time since I have written to you; but some of the time I have been travelling, in the book business, some of the time at school, and I have seemed to almost forget everything else, than what I myself was doing.__

Father has just recieved a letter from Craig: it went to the wrong P.O. and was detained a long time; we were all much pleased in its perusal: Tell hime to take this for an answer, and write again We want to hear from you all. What has become of Mary, Cornelius & Levi; we dont hear from them, any more than if they were not. I should like to hear from "Aunt Lydia,, if she is in the known world........

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The prices current of produce, with us is about as follows: Wheat 50 cts, Corn 12 1/2 or 25, Oats 25, potatoes 18 3/4 a 25 cts per bush. other things in porportion. I don't know of any especial news to write, and in fact I am almost at a loss, what to write; there are so many things crowding on my my my mind, that I am at times almost beside myself..............

As I look back upon the scenes of my youth, and glance at the course of my life, from my earliest recollections; I find much to regret, much that cuases me pain; and I have almost wished, to recall, and amend, the past; but that is vain, the past is gone forever, but never to be forgotten. No; though I should live my three score and ten years, they will be fresh as memory's page. But the present only, is with me; and as the future still emerges to the present, and the present to the past, new scenes & new events present themselves, new responsibilities are placed upon me,

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new duties devolve upon me, and when I realize, that for the faithful performance of all, I am dependent upon the: Great giver of all blessings, I seem to sink, into insignificance and nothingness. "Oh! how much I need of divine aid," how much I need a deeper work of grace, It is my desire to be entirely absorbed in the great work of the Lord, to labor in his vineyard, and obey all his requirements. Will you ever remember me, at a throne of grace; and if we never meet on earth, may we meet in that: sun bright dome, where we shall part no more.

Please write soon, and tell me all about your folks at home and what you know of our relatives abroad; I must now close for want of space,

Your Affectionate Nephew till death,Lyman. S. Colton

PS Direct to Alvarado PO Steuben Co Ind