Mary Harvey to Ruth and Andrew Fletcher, 1859 March 20

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Danville Vermont March 20, 59Dear Uncle and Aunt

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I wrote you six weeks ago to inform you that we were out of house and home and that Caleb was going West and that we should need the money as he wished to start the first of March and requested you to come and make us a visit and fetch us the money or to write immediately and as we have neither seen nor heard from you (although we have sent to the Po almost every day) we have concluded that you

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have not received the letter or some of you are sick will you write as soon as you receive this for I anxious to hear from you

Caleb started the 17th he will go to Illinois and if Levi can help him, may stop there if he cannot Caleb will probably go to Kansas and take Goverment Land and will send for me as soon as he finds a place which if he has good luck will be before the first of June meanwile I shall have to be verry busy in selling off I shall have to sell allmost every thing but Beds and Beading shall have to go out of this

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house the first of april but shall be in this neighborhood until he sends for me

my health is not so good as I could wish I am verry tired all of the time, have some pain in my Lungs and my head is in confusion all the time but I am in hopes that I shall get things arranged so as to hav a few days to rest afore I go will you come and see me and bring the money I should bee be verry glad to see you all But if you cannot com will you send a Cheque Payable to Elijah D Harvey I have said nothing to him about it but think he can be trusted and as I dont know how soon

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I shall have to go I should be glad of it as soon as you can make it convenient

do not ask me to come to your place for it will not be possible, even if my health was ever so good. for there will be so many duties to perform that I cannot for a moment think it prudent hopeing [to] hear from you verry soon I remain

your Afectionate NieceMary F. Harvey


Mr Andrew FletcherBelvidereVermontDanvilleVt