Mary Harvey to Ruth Fletcher, 1864 April 19

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Malcom Powesheik Co. IowaApril 19th 1864

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Dear Aunt yours of April 10th came to hand this morning we were very glad to hear from you, as we were also in the year past to hear from Craig and E you think strange that you have not heard from me for so long let me first tell you some news we have a little son which was born the 10th of Nov, we had no help on the Farm or in the house last year, every moment that I could sit up I was obliged to work and besides Lizzie we have had only 4 weeks when we got a Hoosier Girl 16 years old for the

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summer, it is poor help, but I could get no other and must have some one for it is more that I feel able to do to take care of the Babe, which is naturaly strong and healthy, but from my overdoing has a good many sick days, and I hope forgive my seeming neglect when I tell you that I have written but one letter since I wrote to you and that last week,

Lizzie is quite A large healthy Girl but you know that I want her to be a strong Woman so have never put any hard work on her, she speaks of you all often, Caleb is as well as usual but has to work verry hard. he misses my help some I have tall taken a great many [steps] for him since we came here

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about Craig I am glad on your account that he stays in Vt he will likely do verry well where he is, if I had answered his letter last summer I could not have given him any encouragement as there is allready more Teachers than can get schools and they are very particular about the qualifications of Teachers here, Iowa State College is only 7 miles from here that is where the Teachers come from, and he would not want to go to Farming I thought from his letter we would be glad to see him and all of you Ella I think reminds me that the 5 years is allmost out that was to elaps before I came back to Vt, yes it is but the 5 I am afraid will have to

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double before I can go to see you but I hope you will come to see us, we wish you would come to live,

do send those Pictures right along we want to see them very much. there is but little danger but we will get them,

there is lots that I want to write but I am verry tired now and will try to write again before long Love to you all, Aunt Lydia Mrs Lock Mrs Codding and all my Friends if I have any I do feel so sorry for Elder and Mrs Powers, I have also heard a bad report of Mr Kempton give our best wishes to Elder Hartson's folks, please write to me wont you