Mary Harvey to Ruth and Andrew Fletcher, 1884 August 5

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Glen Elder Mitchell Co KasAugust 5th 1884Dear Uncle & Aunt

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I take the first opportunity to write you do not feel agrieved because I have waited so long. I [arrived] home very tired and found a house full of work. Before I could get things in order Aunt Mandana came; Mrs Underwood was here before (Mary Harvey) and as in all probability neither of them will ever visit us again I have given every moment to them that I could spare from house work, I have had no help and have worked very hard

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Mrs N. went to Neb 4 weeks ago, Mr Harvey went with her was gone 2 weeks (we do not expect her to return) and last week Aunt Wyatt left for Wis She wanted me to send love to you and tell you how much she had enjoyed your picture She thinks you look younger than she does I think there is very little difference and you look alike to me and several have remarked the same. She is of course larger than you which with the rheumatism she has in her system makes it hard for her to get about, I have enjoyed her visit very much indeed but not so much as though I had, had help, I have now got a Girl 13 years old to help me and as soon as I get things in order shall

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write you a good long letter in the mean time do you write to me, I feel very anxious to hear from you and aunt L. & Uncle Daniel how often I think of you all, I do wish you would come and spend the winter. you last fall only makes me more anxious to see you again and it seems as though it would have been impossible to have enjoyed more in 2 months than I did while with you how tired you both must have been when you settled down again after I left. Ella wrote me long ago that Mrs Oakes was sick! Did she get well? I hope so, I wish the Girls & Craig would write Give my love to them all, and remember kindly to all

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my friends, I found I had more than I expected, and it is a source of much joy C.C. and family are well I heard from him lately Levi is not in so good health as usual. some kidney trouble and hard work he has a beautiful family of children they are all as nice as Katie which I think is saying a good deal how I want to see her, do you all come to see us and this fine Country

Who have you for renters this year? as nice a woman as Mrs C.? Is Mrs C. in better health? how is Aunt Lydia and Uncles A & D. and is your health as good as last year if so just start for Kas the first of Sept come so as to stay until next June

with much Love I remain your afectionate nieceM.F. Harvey