Carlos Colton to Andrew and Ruth Fletcher, 1888 March 25

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Colton Mar. 25th 1888Dear Aunts uncles and cousins

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It has been a long time since I have heard from you and I presume you have given up hearing from me I expected when I left your place last that it would not be so long a time before we met again but almost ten years have furrowed our brows and silvered our locks since we parted I have had good health most of time but Hannah has been sick a great deal She is better now but is very short of breath when she exercises any I carried on my farm last year

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and the year before but it is let out this year and Hannah is able to do her work with what I can help her I have been a new house so as to have room so I could let out my farm and that has taken all my money so I dont think I can come and see you this Summer but I would like to have you come and make me a good long visit Does Craig live at Cambridge yet and how does he get along paying for his farm tell him and his wife to come and make me a visit I would like to see Ella and her husband over here also Della and her husband where do they live now I should think some of you might come

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and see me How are Uncle Daniel and Aunt Lydia did they get their place back write and tell me all about where how you all are I have not heard from the west for a long time I heard that Cousin Lemuel and his wife had parted i was astonished for they seemed so contented and happy when I was He did not write what the difficulty was but I did not like her folks they are Protestant Irish a Class I have no liking for Lemuels wife was an only daughter and her Father and Uncle Lemuel were deacons of the same Church I hope Lemuel and his wife have got together again

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for I think they would get along well enough if let alone Ellen and her family are well she has two girls one fifteen and one seven We have had a cold winter a big Snow storm lately a Thaw and a few days of very cold windy weather but it is warmer to day I suppose you are calculating to make lots of Sugar I suppose you let out your farm for you must be too old to carry it on Now write as soon as you receive this and do not put it off for I want to hear from you

From your Affectionate Nephew and NieceCarlos & Hannah Colton


Mr. Andrew FletcherBelvidereVt.POTSDAMN.Y.MAR 26