Mary Harvey to Ruth Fletcher and to Ella [s.n.], 1892 December 29

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Mary Harvey to Ruth Fletcher, 1892 December 29 Glen Elder Mitchell Co_ Kansas Dec_ [29]th 1892My Dear Aunt Ruth,

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yours of the 21st is recd_. I am very very thankful We will give God the praise, and we will not forget his agent in the work, Charlie Hogan. A person unaquainted with you and your affairs, and needs, would not have been quite so likely to have been the help to you, that he has been. I am truly thankful that one of the many for which you provided a home in the past, does not forget or neglect you in your time of trouble. Will you thank him for me for what he has done for you. I have allways since seeing him, him to be kind, honorable, and trustworthy. He has proved that he does not forget his old time friends even when they have no money. I was in hopes you would come here. I knew you would be timid about comeing alone, but you could do it, for R.R officials are kind to the aged or helpless, but since things are so well settled for you I suppose you would rather stay with Ella. I beleive she and her husband will be kind to you. They both seemed to me, to be very kind hearted, and to think of you, and your comfort. I have frequently told Lizzie that if you & Uncle left the farm, I hoped you would go to Ella's. Do they live where they did when I was there? and are they getting along well financially? I hope I did not hurt your feelings by any thing I wrote in my last, there was what I wrote about the F family, I will try to explain my meaning.

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I beleive in heredity; and if persons inherit any evil tendency I cannot feel that they are quite so responsible for their wrong acts, as they would be if they had no inborn tendency to evil. You know the sins of the parents are visited on the children & c. now is it not possible that the parents who have transmitted evil tendencies, will have in some measure the sins of their descendants to answer for?

Now if I have written any thing to hurt you, do forgive me, and remember that I had both respect & love for my Uncle & I can overlook allmost any thing in your Children, if, they will treat you with kindness and respect. As for Mrs Horner, I am surprised, that she should do as she did, but we will lay it to that inborn tendency which she, as well as Enos inherited from their Mother

When you write, will you tell me all how you are clothed, have you good warm stockings and undergarments. I want to know what you need most. Lizzie & I will both, esteem it a privalege, to do what we can, we want you to be comfortable in every way. I hope the mooving will not make you sick, but am afraid it will be a very hard task for you. You will of course feel badly to leave your old home, but I have sometimes thought if you & Uncle had moved from that neighborhood forty years ago, you would have had less trouble. I do not think it a good place in which to bring up children. I know it was not when I lived there.

Yes Luke & Almira each wrote me a good letter, very little but their own affairs, that is, no gossip. I was real glad to hear from them. If they knew any thing of your troubles, they said not a word. I have not seen Lizzie since I wrote you last, have heard from them often & hope to see her soon. Do, as soon as you are rested from mooving write me a long letter & answer lots of my questions, & tell me of your comforts & discomforts & if at any time you are willing to come to me I will send you the money for the journey. My Aunt Mandana lives at Fond-du-Lac Wis with her son D.B. she is in fair health, and pleasantly situated but is unable to walk, has not been down stairs for a year, gets about in a wheeled chair. Her son's are very well off. They are very proud of and kind to their mother.

with much loveMary F Harvey

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Mary Harvey to Ruth Fletcher, undated

When you feel able, will you tell me more about Della. Remember I have never heard one word in any manner, only what you have written. Lizzie & I thought from your letter that perhaps they were living together; it is so? is he divorced from his wife, will you tell me all, for it seems worse to imagine things than to know the exact circumstances. There will no one here know any thing about any of our affairs but Lizzie & I. I shall not say anything to Mr. H. or Clark about any of the trouble that you have had, only of course they know Uncle is gone, and we shall say you will live with Ella, Do you hear from Cousin Lem often: is he prosperous. I had the impression that he was too generous to accumulate money rapidly. He had a half Brother that was poor & had quite a family. I think Uncle L & Cousin, did much to help them Where does the one live that is Guardian of D.'s Children? Is he a good man? What was done with the place? Did Della get her rightful share of the property? are the younger children as nice as Laura? She was a dear little girl. How many times I have wished I could see her. Will you tell me of Ella's family, also Criag's. Is Sanford Mills living. There is a Dwinnell living at Lyndon, is it any of our Dwinells. Is Maria Burnan living & Mary Ellinwood? John Ellinwood lived at North Topeka Kas for many years. I think he has been dead about two years, he was a nurseryman & gardner. A friend of mine was very well acquainted with the family There was a daughter of theirs, a and educated person, that in some manner went wrong, and nearly broke her parents hearts__

I think you wont want me to write after If I go on like this, You can perhaps realize how glad I am for you that affairs have terminated to such an extent that you can sleep nights for I do not beleive you have had one good nights rest since Uncle died I have not had since I knew of your Troubles, but I feel to rejoice that things are as well as they are. And may God in his mercy grant you grace and peace

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Mary Harvey to Ella Fletcher ?, undated Dear Cousin Ella

Do write to me and let us get acquainted. It is, I know, very hard for your Mother to write, & there are many things I would be glad to know. I am afraid the mooving will be very hard for her.

When you write will you direct to Mrs Mary F Harvey. Mr H, is not well known here. In this country a man or woman stands on their own merit, and not on any former local , or their family name. I hope you & your family are well & prosperous.

With love to you all,Mary


Mrs. Ruth A. FletcherJohnson,Lamoille Co. Vermont.BELOITKANSAS1892 DEC 31