Lue Colton to Ruth Fletcher, [circa 1893] February 23

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Pleasant Lake Ind[Feb] 23Dear Aunt

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I will endeavor to answer your most letter which I received a few days ago We are well and hope these few lines will find you well and enjoying your-self we have had a very severe winter here this winter and it is storming very hard to night Lems health is very good this winter he is trouble some with his heart we are living on the old home-stead

Well you wanted to know about Della is behaving herself all right - as far as I can see and I would not like to affend your daughter by writting any thing pertaining to her individual and private matters Laura & Harold have been sick but are better and Della was well the last time I saw her Della has some very smart & nice Children learn easy and get along well in school

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We got a letter from cousin Carlos Colton a short time ago they were well Would like for you to come see us glad you have a good home and will be well provided for the rest of your life We expect Carlos to visit us next sommer summer and go to Chicago to the worlds fair we would be pleased for any of your there in Vt to visit us. the new railroad runs with in a half a mile of us goes from Detroit to Chicago Lems half brother got his leg broken about 5 weeks ago there has been a great many that has had the misfortune as to get bones broken this winter as we have had so much ice Well I will close my letter Resp to your daughter & family

Hoping these few lines reaches you all right We remain yours very Resp

your neice & nephewLem & Lue Colton


Mrs Ruth. A. FletcherJohnsonVtPLEASANT LAKEIND.FEB 24 [1893]