Mary Harvey to Ruth Fletcher, 1893 May 21

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Glen Elder Kas, May 21st 1893My Dear Aunt Ruth

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I tried all last week to get time to answer your letter, but if I had time I was too tired. My work is hard and there are few stopping places. I fear that I always write something I should not & so cause you heart-ache. Dont try to tell me about D, for I can see she has just made you broken hearted, and it will be no different if I do know or do not.

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I knew that Mrs Sprague & Ancil Robbins were dead, but do not know if Mrs Robbins is living. I always feel in regard to Eliza's death, that if she had had no unnesissary trouble, and not more than a reasonable amount of work, she might have lived to a good old age. I cared more for her (as I cared less for Field) than any member of the Harvey family, but I can truly say I am glad she is at rest. She was pack-horse for Field and the most of the children, & there was no prospect ahead for anything better. I am glad to hear from Olive

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Coburn. There has always been a warm place in my heart for her. Sanford's son, Edward, wrote me a short letter & sent memorial Cards. He wrote from East Fletcher, but did not say why he was there. I wrote him a long letter week before last. I will write to Ella soon. I hope you will excuse this dreadful scrawl, The wind has been blowing a perfect gale all day, & I am warm & tired from continual running to see to my young poultry. You have not told me if you have enough to read, or if the little bundle of papers I sent were acceptable; there was one article in one of the Interiors from a shut in woman, that so nearly discribed Aunt Mandana's life that I thought she must have written it, but it was written by a woman in N.Y. If you would look it up and mark the article, put some of your county papers with it & send to Mrs M P Wyatt Fond-du-Lac Wis and write on the wrapper who they are

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from it would please her very much. There are some things that you will need a little money for, and if you need more than I send, tell me: dont hesitate, & I know the Lord will help me to a way to get it, and do not fail to use what you need. It is a great privalege to me to do what little I can. I have a pair of shoes, two pairs of stockings & a handkerchief which I will send soon The shoes, I have worn a few times, It may be they are too large, but if your feet swell as mine do, you can I think wear them I will also send a shoulder cape, not new, but will do to put on in the cool of the day if you need it

Do write to me often. I will try to do better next time

Yours affectionatelyMary F Harvey