Letter to Mary Collamer, January 8, 1846

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Washington City Jan 8. 1846Mary,

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You write me most frequently and to you is answer due. Tell Francy I was pleased to receive hers.

I am not as well to day as usual but have attended meeting; yet as I did not write home last week I must write this evening. I have nothing more than such as I often have at home a worse state of depression than ordinary. We have had days of rainy unpleasant weather & I have taken no exercise and the house has had several days of setting from 10 A.M. until 9 PM without any recess which has had on us no good effect. It now clear and cold and after one more day of such sitting I hope to have more time for exercise.

I have ordered the cards as directed and they will be done in the course of this week. When I will send specimens.

There is flying here much political news false & fabricated for effect and much of this finds its way into papers through the letter

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writers, that is, those who are to stay here & write to various newspaper publishers.

Nothing has taken place for several weeks in Congress, but speeches on Oregon, good, bad and indifferent, until it has become stale & disgusting. Mr Foot has recovered & made a speech on Oregon. As to parties you know I know but little of them. But one of the Secretary has had one, Mr. Buchanan & it was a great crowd 1500 cards given and I did not go. I had recd. a card to attend on , Gen. Mr. Marow, with whom I am acquainted and if well & I find it is not to be very large I shall call in a short time, as I understand no other is to give a party.

My work on committee is very considerable but I am most harassed with business sent me from home to attend to at the departments & especially in relation to pensions.

I shall keep this letter open until tomorrow to see whether I receive an answer from Harriet or some of you tomorrow.

Monday Feb. 9 - I have recd. nothing from home but hope all is well. With love to all,

I Remain Your Affectionate FatherJ. Collamer