Letter to Mary N. Collamer, December 25, 1856

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Washington City Dec. 25. 1856Mary,

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I entirely agree with you in the opinion that if the gas cannot be entirely relied on, if you must still keep yourselves provided with other means for lighting, & especially for all parties and company, then it is very much better to be without it. I should myself submit to but very few such annoyances before entirely cutting off the whole matter& a return to that on which we can rely.

It is now what is called the holy day, that is entire suspension of business in Congress, & really of great

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dullness in the city. There will be nothing done for the week to come & I shall take the time to frank off the Documents I have now on hand. I have 700 Agricultural Patent office Reports to Send off I have only sent about 200. I wish you to tell William that i took the names of the Three Brewsters of Woodstock to send & have lost it & I want him to ascertain their names & send to me immediately & any others in addition which he thinks proper.

Peverdy Johnson told me a few days since, that Mrs. Bliss came with him from Baltimore & was at Dr. Wood's & that she mentioned to him that she wished to see me. I yesterday called at Dr. Woods but did not see her. The servants reported she was out.

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So I doubled down the corner & left my card & suppose I have done my duty. I would say by the way that Dr. Wood occupies a large new house a short distance from Mr Macount on the Same Street. I was in th parlors & they are the most splendidly furnished of any private parlor I have seen in the city.

Mr. Foot went to New York for his wife last week & they arrived here last evening. So we have now three ladies at our house, Mrs. McLam, Mrs Foot & a Mrs. Wade of Ohio.

I go out but little except to the Departments occasionally on business. I am quite well for me.

Love to you & to ours AffectionatelyYour Husband