Letter to Mary N. Collamer, December 20, 1857

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Washington City Dec. 20. 1857Mary,

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I have recd. no letter from home the past week but presume I shall have one in a day or two, & in the mean time I shall presume all well.

It has been a very busy week with us especially for so early a stage of the Session & before the holidays.

Mr & Mrs Douglas & occupying much public attention & remark. His opposition to the course of the President as to Kansas is quite a topic of political circles. He has built a new house here, which is said to be a very nice one & all were invited to attend Mrs. D's first reception at any time from 11 A.M. to 4 P. M. The

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Senate was in Session all day, although it was Saturday, So I did not go & cannot tell you anything on the matter but I am told that few but republicans, that is, that few democrats, called.

The House of Representatives have gone into their new hall, a gorgeous affair, but in my opinion, inferior to the old hall in architectural character & grandeur.

I have been this day to hear Dr. Smith in 9th street. He seems exactly the same as when I first heard him & the house & congregation appear unchanged.

It is proposed to adjourn next Thursday for about a week & no doubt it may as well be done for no business is in face done from Christmas until after new year & the members from Maryland, Virginia, & even some farther, go home. M who are from a distance must remain & this lengthens out the Session in the Summer. I do not like it.

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I shall be at leisure next week and be lonesome. I wish you were here for the weather is mild & pleasant &I think you would enjoy it. It is the condition of this house that each family occupies its own rooms almost exclusively & goes & comes in its own way. I called on Judge McLain & lady & they together returned the call the other evening. I hardly expected that.

I have no other matter of news to write you. I am as well as usual.

AffectionatelyYour Husband