Letter to Mary Collamer, January 2, 1859

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Washington City Jan 2. 1859Mary,

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I have recd. yours of Thursday last. Our vacation is nearly gone & I have occupied most of the past rainy week in franking off documents and in acting as one of the Committee in making the preparations and arrangements for taking possession of our new Senate Chamber, which we are to do next Tuesday.

Yesterday (Jan. 1) it cleared off about noon so that the usual calling had to be done. I went with Mr. Foot & we did not to the Presidents for the crowd. (we since hear there was nocrowd .) We made the following calls, to wit,

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Trumbull, Seward, Dickens, Hodge, Dixon, Cass, Post Master Gen. Brown, Thompson, Cobb, Toucey, Mrs. Goddard, Taylor. Ladies at the Willard, & National, Bell, Hulseman. Went in at all except Hulseman’s. All the ladies making kind inquiries for my wife & daughters &c.

Now ask your mother if I did not make a good afternoon’s work.

Frances says in her letter to me that she has now a method of healing her head ache which makes it much more endurable. Poor girl, she suffers much. Her last letter was in good spirits.

I had seen the death of Lucy Cushing in the papers. Your account of the condition of her heart is most wonderful. Mr. Cushings is indeed afflicted.

So Dr. Clement who has been so very busy in expressing indifference as to the

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repair of the meeting house has finally actually preached on the subject as you say. Then he has concluded to forget his former experience in Chester. I think it will not injure him unless he talks very indiscreetly, which he will not be like to do.

I was much pleased to learn that Mrs. Redfield seems so much better & I hope she may so remain. I think it might be of benefit to her that the ladies should call on her, if he thinks so & is willing.

My health is much as usual but I think my hours of sleep grow less. I now seldom sleep until one o-clock, but I feel well the next day & experience no injury for want of sleep.

My love to you all - AffectionatelyYour Father