Letter to Col. Joseph Scott, April 9, 1820

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Washington April 9th 1820Dear Sir,

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I wrote you a week or two since that Mr Riley proposed to pay me his tax on ? which we off last April - which will save him a journey to Vermont - I have agreed to take the money and have it redeemed - he has sent me fifty dollars & wrote me he will send me the in a few days - I shall be at home early in May but the time of redemption will be out before I got home - fearing my other letter might miscarry I write again - then will be no occasion to enter it redeemed until I come home - nor to take out deeds before that time if he fails to pay the remainder -

I have no particular news - you have probably heard that our Spanish war is come to an end - The Southern States want Florida, to make another negro state - but there was like to be so much opposition to the project of taking Florida that the administration was glad to back out. All is intrigue here - Mr Clay has an eye upon the office of President and wishes to succeed Mr Monroe after 4 years, and to pave the way wishes to be Vice president vice ? - They got up a caucus for the purpose but there was so much opposition that it flushed in the pan - I see plainly that Adams will never get it - It will be Clay or Crawford - The Southern States would divide the union before they would submit to a Northern President.

Col. J Scott

Yours in hasteS C Crafts