Letter to Eunice Todd Crafts, December 19, 1818

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Washington Dec. 19th 1818My dear friend,

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Soon after writing my last letter to you I received one from Samuel, which gave me much pleasure, as I had been more than four weeks from home, and until that time I had not heard one word from you, I had become extremely anxious, so much so that I almost feared to open it - but the information it contained was cheering, as it informed me that you as well as Mary and himself were well - I have since received another letter from Samuel dated at Peacham, in which he informs me that your health continued well and were willing to dispense of his services at home to give him an opportunity to pursue his studies - This I had not expected; but if you can, without subjecting yourself to too much fatigue and perplexity, spare him to pursue his studies, I shall certainly on his account be gratified - Samuel informed me that Mr Farnham had not finished the sleigh before he left home, I had his promise to have it done by the first sleighing, which I expect has been long before this, as the ground here has been covered with snow for a week past and the Potomac has been entirely froze over and to a considerable [          ]for a considerable time past. I have had no letter from Doct Todd I have heard from him by the means of Mr Pitkin, who hears from Farmington every week and learn that

Dec.19 1820.
S.C. Crafts

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he and his family are well, and have been well through the last fall - so that the information we had of his having been very sick was incorrect, so also was the information that he had met with a change; Mr Pitkin tells me that he some times attends meeting and superintends the [] - but that his religious sentiments remain unchanged - I have been upon the whole tolerably well since I arrived here - but as to news I have none, as I have not visited at all - not even at the Presidents - I have not seen Mr [     ] nor my classmate Cutts since I have been in Washington, nor have I been in but three dwelling houses (except where I board) since I came here, and those were houses, in which some our Vermont members board - There have been several levees at the foreign ministers, and many of the Senators and some members of Congress are in the practice of attending them - But as the requires that no members can attend them unless he previously goes and leaves his card - and as this looks very much to me like begging an invitation (and besides not having a very strong inclination to attend), I probably shall never have the honor of attending - I should be very much gratified if you would write to me, if but a line or two [                     ] I shall be thankful for it -

Give my best love to Mary, & tell her I will write to her by the next mail - My love also to all [  ] friends and accept the assurance of my unalterable affection to yourselfSamuel C