Letter to Eunice Todd Crafts, April 30, 1820

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Washington April 30th 1820My Dear Friend

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I belive you will begin to think I have taken up board here for good and all. Two weeks since, I had no expectation of being here at this time; but affairs have taken an unexpected turn, the negotiation between the Spanish minister and our government have broken off, and there is much disagreement as to the most prudent & proper course to be pursued but our government toward Spain - There is an unwillingness in congress to allow any member to leave here unless in case of sickness; and there is an impropriety in leaving while it is possible that this subject may lead us into a war - If this subject had been settled according to the expectations of the country, I should at this time been on my way home, instead of writing this letter. But as it is I shall not tarry here much longer. I am but little satisfied with the business done this session, and indeed the affairs of the nation is in a bad way, and for any thing I can expect will take place, must continue such for some time at least - I am sensible I ought to be at home, & I assure you my mind, my affections, and indeed every thing which renders life desirable, is there; and God willing I intend to be there in person before long. My health continues

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good, and if I could know that yours and the children were so I would feel some what relieved - I have not received any letter from you or even Samuel for two weeks past, your last was dated [more than a month] since - I expected one or more from you, but conclude you expected I should leave this place before your letters would arrive - and indeed sometime since I did expect to be at home about this time and it was the general expectation here on month since that congress would adjourn on the 17th of this month, & now it is even probable they will not adjourn short of two weeks making it the 15th of May - I shall not say any thing about the farm in this letter, having been particular in some of the letters which I have written heretofore - I have written at least once each week, and if you have not received them regularly they must have miscarried - on their passage - I have written to Samuel by this mail & shall write to him again before I return.

[          ]April 30. 1820

Give my love to Mary & our friends

With the most sincere prayers for your happiness
I remain your affectionate friendSamuel C Cratfs