Letter to Eunice Todd Crafts, December 31, 1820

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Washington Dec 31st 1820My dear friend,

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When I wrote you last week your letter of the 13th of Dec. had not arrived, but it came to hand two or three days after, but so late that a letter written by me would not reach you sooner than one written now. I am much concerned to learn by it that Samuel is so unwell, and regret extremely the distance I am from you which entirely prevents me from knowing, at the time, whatever may happen to befall the family. I have no doubt that you will see that every thing is done for Samuel, that could be done if I were with you; but that does not satisfy me, I wish to be with you to relieve you from the cares that my absence imposes upon you, and perhaps thereby prevent you from being worn down with fatigue of body and mind. If you have given me a correct account of Samuel's situation, as you say you have done, I flatter myself that he will get the better of his complaint - I do not however reflect, without anxiety, on the hind of complaint, which Samuel is so much subject to - that pain which has so often been felt in his side, shows that something is wrong in his system - but I hardly bring myself to believe that it proceeds from an affection of the liver - You know I have great confidence in Doc. Huntington, and have no reason to doubt Dr. Wright skill, I believe him a young man of intelligence & well acquainted with the theory of disorders etc. but do not feel the same confidence in his judgment of cases in our climate, which may vary considerably from disorders in [Sunape]

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as I should if he had been longer in practice in this country, & [     ] thereby increased his stock of experience. But if Dr. Huntington & Smith approve of him as a practitioner I ought to feel satisfied. I beg of you to inform me weekly of your health and that of the family - it will do no good to keep any thing back - for if I suspect that you have not informed me all, I shall imagine perhaps that things with you are in a worse state then they may really be in - I have no reason thus far to complain of your frankness - & hope you will continue it -

I can assure you, without equivocation that my health remains good, equally as well as when I left home, & I now promise you to inform you if it should be otherwise. I have been in some trouble but the number of deaths here should not alarm you for my safety. It is true we have buried two members of our home & one Senator in the course of about 10 days - this has been uncommon - a session seldom passes without some deaths - but the influenza which prevailed in the fall has left many in a bad state of health - and predisposed to fevers of a certain character - which have in several instances proved fatal - There are perhaps half a dozen members now sick with fevers - but, excepting one, where case is rather doubtful, they are all mending - and there seems to be no new case lately.

S.C.C. to E.C.
Dec. 31. 1820

Mrs Eunice C

Give my love to Samuel & Mary, tell Samuel to keep up his spirits - and I hope all may be well with him - & above all, take care of your own health - and may heaven preserve you all I remain truly, and affectionately your friendSamuel C Crafts