Letter from GEORGE OZIAS MARSH to HIRAM POWERS, dated June 17, 1854.

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Publication InformationBerlin June 17 '54

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My dear Sir,

I wrote you a few lines from Milan to tell you that we had seen nothing of anyone from Florence, which you have doubtless received before this. After leaving Milan we crossed the Stelvio with some difficulty and went direct to Munich. While there we visited the foundry where Crawford's monument is being cast and were very much interested in what we saw there and we all with one accord decided that Mr. Powers must do something in bronze--in fact Miss [...]

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who was particularly emphatic declared, that when Congress voted to have you make a statue of her, it should be in nothing but bronze. Crawford's works particularly his Jefferson, look much better, it seems to me, in the metal than in plaster. Still, I do not like the J. We went from Munich to Bamberg where we parted to meet perhaps never again. Father will spend some weeks in Switzerland then go to Paris and finally cross over to England to take the steamer. I know your time is too precious for letter-writing but if one of the children should get time to drop me a line I should be very much gratified

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My address is N 8 Französische Strasse. Pray remember me most kindly to Mrs. Powers to whom I shall ever remain a debtor for her unbounded kindness and believe me

Most truly yrs.George .

I enclose a letter for Nanni with whom as a correspondent I hope to have better success than with Luly last winter.

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Anna Barker Powers ("Nannie"), Hiram and Elizabeth Powers' fourth child, was born in Florence in 1841 and died in 1919.