Hiram H. Barton to Lyman Barton

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Newburn NC April 5th 1863Stanly Genl
Dear brother

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I received your letter April 1 I was glad to hear that you were well I was surprised to hear that you was at Suffolk I suppose they expected a fight you said there was 2 inches of snow there it was a cold rain here but no snow If you go to Ohio I hope and think you will find a better and healthier country if you go I hope you will write as soon as you can make it convenient give as good a description of the place and the journey and the times as you can There has been considerable excitement here for a week and a plenty of stories about affairs at Little Washington there has a part of the force gone from here there and heavy guns have been heard for 3 or 4 days in that direction I dont think there has been any thing told that can be relied of on General Foster is there that is certain The reports have had him

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surrounded and he could hold the place 14 days the rebs had a batery on a point and cut off communication gunboats had gone and could not get within 10 miles of the place the rebs guns could reach 5 miles and had fired into our boats Brigadier General Spenola had got killed General Foster said he would give any amount if he could get word to Newbern A Lieut volunteered to come and took 10 niggers with him the niggers was all killed or taken and the Lieutenant got here safe troops have been going from here all are under marching orders and all such stories have been going all the while Foster had got 8,000 reenforcement from Fort Monroe if that is so it must be the 9th A C the 158 Pa in from here had sunk on a boat and all was lost but the pilot and 3 or 4 and the pilot was in jail this is the style of the stories so far and it is my opinion they was started by someone who knew nothing about it

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April 8 the mail Closes to day 1 oclock nearly all the troops have gone from here last night in the night going to Little Washington I suppose they was mooving all night the 96 is gone I heard It seems that General Spenola want killed for he got back yesterday couldnt get to Little Washington because the rebels fired at him you may expect there will be a fight for I think it is the plan to relieve Foster at any rate it is said he is surrounded if they whop him there no doubt they will try this place next but a small force can hold this against a larger one if they have men enough to man the guns in the forts but they could come in now very easy as the troops are all away most I got a letter from James the same time I got yours they are all well 4 ft of snow and very cold I have not got a letter from Theador yet I dont know as he gets my letters there is a great many lettrs that never

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get through where they are directed Nelson sent a dollars worth of stamps to me and 2 dollars in money and I never got it I supose it will be a long time before you get this and it may not I should not be much surprised if there was stiring times here before long the rebels are hanging around here watching the movements they know what is done and doing here as well as we do and if they are ready at the right time they can give us a hard try they wont come here for any thing but stores and they would get a pretty good lot here there is a good many stores and groceries I am in the hospital yet getting better when I take medicin and when I stop the diareah comes on so I cant get very fat on that If you go west write as soon as you can after

Direct to Hiram H Barton Co C 96 NY
V 1st Brigade Wessells Division Newbern NC
Stanley Hospital Good Luck