Lyman Barton to Hiram Barton

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White hous Va Sunday June 28 1863 Dear Brother

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I now take this opertunity to answer your most welcom letter that I received the other day and was glad to hear that you are getting well I am well at presant and hope these few lines will find you the same We left Suffolk the 20th came down to Getties station within 3 miles of Portsmouth staid there untill the morning of the 22 at 1 oclock then started for Portsmouth went aboard of the trans ports for York town got there about 11 oc staid there untill the 26 then took the boat for this place where we are a going the Lord onely knows there is about

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30000 troops here or said to be It has been trying to rain for 2 or 3 days but has not made out much yet The rebs had got a good thing started if they had got it done it is a round fort with a turn table in it so they could run a car into it with guns mounted on it so they could fetch it to bear on any point they wanted to so if they was like to loose it they could hitch on and draw it of if they had got it done they would made us some trouble there was our Cavelry came in last night from a raid towards Richmond they fetched in about 50 wagons burnt about 50 more got 500 mules and horses 110 prisoners Fitz Hugh Lee with the rest destrout considerable grain and other propity 1 bridge betweent here and Fredricks Burg tore up 4 mi of rail road

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and I do not know how much more Spearses Cavelry he went out again last night The 118 are here the boys are all well I got a letter from Henry last night he says that Theodore was at home but had got to go back to Albany he had not got his Discharg the folks wer all well Old Lee is doing great things up Pensilvany I hope he will get clear through to Canada line I heard that McCLellan is in comand of 150 thousand troops and that there is 10 dollars reward offered for Gen Hooker all he is worth I can not think of any thing more this time So Good by write as soon as you get this and direct to Lyman A Barton Co K 8 CV
Wahsgton DC

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From your Brother L A Barton