Lyman Barton to Melissa Barton

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Camp near Portsmouth Va Aug 2 1863 Dear Sister

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I now take this opertunity to answer your most welcom letter that I received a long time ago and should have aswerd it before but as you was in no hury to write I supposed that you was in no hurry to hear from me so I would take

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my time you say you have got nothing to write a bout nor no news it makes but little difference to me what the sub ject is, if its about the war farming or about that long leged yankee of yours if it is onely a letter I am satisfyed but longer the better. You think we have a great deal of fun in camp but it is not so it gets to be an old story it is rather lone some all of the time one letter from the north dose me more good than all the fun we have in a month here in camp

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you see at the botom of the first page all the battles that this Regt have been in I was in the four last and am happy to say that I got out all right and am able and willing to go into an other if need be if we stay here the prospect for fighting is rather slim I think the Rebs have got their hands full without comeing here. July has been a great month to us there has been more good done than there has been before since the war comenced if Sumpter and charleston falls I think the Rebells chance rather slim. We get dailey papers most every day so we know pretty near what there is going on in the fighting line You think that I hear from Crown Point and Moriah pretty often but I do not think so I havent hardley herd from Moriah since I left home I wrote to Pheby Moon but did not get any answer

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and in C P they think as you do that they have got no news to write I have thought some times that I would not write again but I dont suppose that would plague them half so much as it dose to have me write and I am bound to plague some body if I can and I care but little who it is I think you will get your share of it before you get this letter read and then onely think of it I’ve not got half done yet I must take you up onto the Peninsula back to Portsmouth up onto the West branch of the Elizabath river where we are now building a fort it is vary warm here now we onely have to work four hours a day I received a letter from Father the other day he said the folks wer all well and that Henry and James wer drafted I see that this sheet is most full but what of perhaps you will find out I dirst not try to read it for fear that I could not

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Aug 3 I will try and finish this letter now If I am not mistakand we wer at Suffolk when I wrote you last We left Suffolk the 20 of June took the cars for Getties station with in 3 milds of Portsmouth we started from there the morning of the 22 at 1 oclock for Portsmouth took the boat from there to Yorktown got there about 2 A M

Took the boat from Yorktown for the White hous Va got there the same day 26 lay still untill the first of July then we took up a line of march in the direction of Hanover Junction for the purpos of distroying Railroad Bridge depot &c we crossed the Pemunkey River on R Bridge at White hous landing passed through Larnsvill the first day

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the next day we marched a bout 5 milds and at night 5 of us went out and confiscated a beef that would weigh a bout 5 hundred so we had plenty of fresh meat there is one consolation for a soldier he dose not steal any thing onely confiscates it but we have to be pretty carefull and not get catched fetching it into camp but when it is once in it is all right then the next day we marched a bout 15 milds by King Williams C H Brandy wine Mongohick to what is called Taylors farm the rest of the troops went on except our Brigade they went with in 5 milds of the Junction found plenty of Rebs there but they did not do any thing they came back the next day the 4th the 118 had 1 killed and some wound then we started back for the White hous

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marched from the white house to york town from there to big Bethell encamped on the battle ground from there to Hampton got there the 12 took the boat the 14 for Portsmouth marched up to camp lay in camp 2 days and moved to this camp The weather is vary warm here now (you would not believe me if I should tell you that it is so warm that we can cook our coffee in the sun) you wanted to know when my time would be out I enlisted the 7 of June 1862 for the term of three years so my time will be out the 7 of June 1865 the Regts time will be out in one year from next October but the Regt is to be filled up with conscripts so probably I shall have to stay my time out I expected to get my discharge with the Regt

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but if it is filled up I stand a poor chance I can not think of anything more to write this time and I think you will be glad of it before you get this read so good by write soon as conveneant

From your Brother L A Barton
Co K 8 Regt C V Portsmouth Va

M M Barton