Lyman Barton to Hiram Barton

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Headquarters 8th Regt Conn VolsNear Portsmouth vaMch 8/64Dear Sister

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I now take this opertunity to answer your kind and most welcom letter that I received the other day and was vary glad to hear that you wer well I am well at present except a cold there is not much news here the Rebs atacted us a bout a week ago at Deep creek a bout 6 milds south of here but we soon drove them back there was 2 killed in the 9th N.J. vols vetrons that had not been back onely about a week some 15 of the 6 Ny cavelry taken prisoners The report is that there is 12000 Rebels at Suffolk 20

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milds west of this place but I guess ther is nothing in it I guess all they come here for was to keep us from send- ing troops to New bern

Our Regt got back the first day of this month some of them are pretty sorry that they reinlisted three years is a long time to stay where one dont wanto well they must look before they leap some of them got married and some of them that expected to did not the girls would not have them and I think thats where their heads are clear I think one is better off to be single and free

The weather is very fine here this winter it rained some here to day but I think it will be fair tomorow This month is the worst month in va cold winds and considerable rain I got a letter rom H.H Barton dated Mch 1 he was well then he was at Pungo landing Va

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he says direct to Pungo landing va via Norfolk va ( not put on Regt or Co) in care of Lieut Buckman I got a letter from Henry the other day he is in the 5 Ny cavellry he was well when he rote and at Stevensburg va direct to Co H 5 Ny cavellry Stevensburg va also one from James he was well and in the 83 Ny SV Co D 2nd Brigade 2nd Division 1 A C Washington DC

I have not had but one letter from Thedore since I got to the Regt he was then driving government team at Washington for 30 dols pr month Adress Theodore T. Barton [Hindle]> Green Park Washington DC care of M. Moony I can not think of any thing more this time rite as often as you can so Good By

from your affectionate Brother L A BM.M. Barton Co K 8 CV Portsmouth