Theodore Barton to Melissa Barton

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Head Quarters 34th Regt Camp new Falmouth, VaJan 25th 1863 dear sister

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it is with the greatest of pleasure that I seat my self to answer your most welcome letter of the 19th I am glad to hear that you are takeing a little time to your self I am well at present Lyman was well the last time I saw him that is about three weeks since we are about two miles apart I am expecting him every day to see me but it has been very wet for a few days and we have had marching orders the army started last monday to go across the Rapahanock but they got stuck in the mud the rebels hallowed over and asked if we wanted to have them come over and help get the pontoons out of the mud they said that they would help

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put the bridge down if we wanted to come over but Burnside concluded that he did not want to go over bad enough to let them help put down the bridge so they set up a board with large letters on it saying Burnside stuck in the mud. and sure enough they are and trying to dig out I must go and get my soup I have finished my dinner it was bean soup and hard tack it is quite warm and pleasant to day it rained most of the night last night I have seen Lyman twice since the battle he had not recieved any pay since he inlisted and I think he is a little sick of soldiering Cal is in the company now he got sick of the battery and was returned to the company there is nothing of consequence to write so I

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must close by biding you good by I will try to write more next time write soon we expect our pay this week no more

from T. T. B

to M. M. B.