Theodore Barton to Melissa Barton

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Head Quarters 34th Regt Camped near Falmouth Va. Feb. 25th 1863 Dear Sister

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it is with greatest pleasure that I seat myself to write a few lines to you it is very warm and pleasant today there has been about a foot of snow but it is going off now I am well and so is Cal we have had some very cold weather and more snow than we had last winter there is not much news as I know of I understand that they are going draft in the north and I hope they will for there is some that I should like to meet as I am going home so that I can say

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to them as they say to us give it to them we can whip them they will get sick of giving it to them and will find it not so easy to whip them as it is to stay at home and say we can whip them it is true that we can whip them but they will have to lend a hand and will not think it so much fun when they come to try it I am glad to hear that there is not so much liquor drank as there used to be it is seldom that I see any one drunk or any thing to get drunk on one year ago to day we started on the march and left our first winter quarters and I suppose it will not be long before

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before we shall be on the move again I cannot think of any more at present Lyman has gone south I suppose I not heard from him since he started

no more at present
so good by from your brother Theodore Barton