Henry L. Terry to John W. Campbell

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John W. CampbellRochesterVermont


Smiths BrigadeCamp Griffin VA.Head Quartrs 4th RgtOct 21 1861Friend John

I have been expecting till within a day or two of seeing you here. I had heard that you and other of the Liberty Hill Boys were coming, and we were antisipating a good deal of pleasure in seeing you, but it seems that we are to be disappointed this time. Whats the reason you did not come? I think you would have injoyed it first rate. we have an easy time, nothing to do and no prospect ahead of fighting.

We are now encampted about 12 miles from Washington at Lewinsville right where the Rebels have been posted since the

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Bull Run fight. Our troops were out Saturday as far as Fairfax to look things over, got sight of a few Rebels but they run like devils. I tell you what it is John this God forsaken Country ain't much of a place to live in, but would be pretty good fighting land if we could find anything to fight with. they have got a fashion of running here that will whip Flora Temple.

We shall probably advance again in the course of the week and I think we shall go to Fairfax Court House or Leesburgh. I hope we shall go where we can have a fight.

Our boys are all well and do first rate. I find on getting out here that what little military we had in Rochester did not amount to anything. We have to learn everything over.

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I shall expect to see the Rochester Boys here before the war is over. I have heard from someone at home that the Boys on your Hill had backed out, or that you had showed the White Feather. is it so? I cant believe but what you Boys have courage enough to enlist.

John just sit down and write me a letter sometime & let me know what you are about and what is going on in good old Rochester. Will write you again whenever we have anything of importance to write.

H. L. Terry