Roswell Farnham to Laura

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Camp of 12th. Vermont Vol. M.3 Miles below Warrenton Junction, Va.May 6th. 1863Dear Laura:

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Your letter was received the second day after our arrival here. We have now been here since Saturday. Yesterday & today it has rained very hard, so that we have hardly been able to stir out. When we came it was very dry but now out camp is a complete mud hole. It is raining this evening. We have orders tonight to move tomorrow & we shall probably go down to the Rappahannock River about eight miles from here two of our companies are already there. We shall then be but four miles from Kelly's Ford where the right wing of Hooker's Army crossed the river. Our Regt. is now alone here. The rest of the brigade is 21 miles from us at Union Mills, but I expect they will move up in the morning.

So far as we can learn Hooker has been

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victorious. There is a large force of cavalry in our vicinity - of our Army - Moseby's irregular cavalry & the Black Horse Cavalry are hovering around here, but they will not attack infantry.

I have written to Mary & directed to Bradford, not knowing but she might have got home. If she has not you may keep the letter until you hear from her as I have also written to her in Charlestown & shall write again to her there. I have had no letter from her since we moved.

Write & direct as usual. Our P. M. will go to Washington as often as he can get there. I am going to send my trunk in to W. tomorrow & put what I need, that I cannot get into my saddle bags into a box, or roll them up in a blanket.

Remember me to all.
Yours truly,Roswell Farnham

P. S. Herrick came down yesterday in command of men to guard the train & returned with it. He is well & spoke of hearing from you. He said he was sorry he could not see Mary.

Mr. Batchelder will lend you some money