Roswell Farnham to [Mary Farnham]

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CopyCamp of 12th. Vermont Vol. M.Union Mills Va.June 4th. 1863My dear Wife:

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Your short letter written last Friday & Sat. was rec'd last night. * * * * *

We are still at Union Mills doing picket duty & drilling. Yesterday I saw the names of D. K. Andross & J. C. Stearns in the list of arrivals in Washington & as I wrote you intended to go in, in the forenoon but could not. I got an opportunity to go at 5 o'clk & started. I only could get as far as Alexa. that night & stopped at the City Hotel. I went to the Fairfax St. Hospital in the evening & saw the sick boys there. They are doing pretty well. Have the very best of accommodations and care. Holabird is there acting as orderly for the surgeon. His lungs are weak & he will not probably go back to the Regt. at all.

I took the first boat in the morning for Washington at 7 o'clk & went from the wharf directly to the Clarendon House where the Col. & Adjt. were stopping. When I got there I learned they had left the day before for home at 3 o'clk P. M. I afterwards learned that both had resigned on account of ill health. I was a good deal surprised. Lt. Col. Stowell of the same Regt. has also resigned. I think there must be some trouble in the Regt. It will occasion a good deal of remark at home but I think you had better be very careful

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what you say. Give my best regards to both of them. I walked around the city an hour or two and then took the boat back for Alexandria & reached camp about 5 o'clk. I was in Alexa. two or three hours & went to two of the hospitals to see the men there. They all seem to be getting better, tho' some of them probably will not come back till the Regt. starts for home. * * * *

I wish you could be here now, for we have delightful weather. Mrs. Stannard is here with her husband. We could have delightful rides together. The woods & gardens are filled with flowers.

I have now a beautiful boquet of roses given me by Mr. Peach's brother who is here. It fills the whole tent with its sweet perfume. Nelson has just brought in a large bunch of the laurel that you used to see last winter now covered with beautiful blossoms. I enclose two or three small ones so that you can see how they look. The paths from one picket post to another are lined with them.

Give my love to Laura & all who enquire. I have not yet rec'd Mr. Strickland's letter. I suppose he has written from what you said in your last.

Write often. The mail carrier is here.

With much love &c.

Yours &c.Ros.