Justus F. Gale to Brother

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Mr Chas. J. Gale
In care of Mr N. Camp


Camp HolbrookCo. A 8th Vt RegBrattleboroMar 1st/62Brother Charles.

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I wil write aline to let you know that I am comfortable: my cold is some better but have not got read of it all yet. we received our pay yesterday: I wrote a line to Lyman to let him know where I sent my money. for fear that he wont get it I wil tel you the same. I sent it by Mr Huchison of Wrocester it wil be there to night.

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I sent sixty dollars for Lyman & two for him (Mr H) to leave to W. S. Huntington to pay some that I borrowd to pay for a watch. I got a good patent lever single cased watch that hasent run but a little for six dollars. I brought it down here & swaped four times & have got a watch of the same kind as the first & as good that only stands me at 3$. and I made $3.25 before I got this watch at Montpelier I wil send you five dollars enclosed in this letter which I shal send by the polite- ness and in the care of Sear- gent Woodbury.

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I do not think of much to write about. we havent found out when we are going to leave here yet but I think not for a week yet. I understand that we are to go to New York & take shiping from there to Ship Island. I expect we are going there to dril until we have orders to go some where elce. remember and write as often as you can do not be afraid but what I can read it for I am a good hand to pick out old fashion ed & all kinds of writing you can use this mon ey as you need or let Lyman have it or just

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what you see fit to do with it. tel Wilber to remember and write to me. if any one says that they ment or would like to have seen me when I was at home tel them to write to me and I wil answer them. give my res- pects to all enquiring friends & except the same your self. this is from your brother

J. F. Gale

I wil send you a letter that I received from uncle Merrill