Justus E. Gale to Father

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Mr. Jonas. Gale


8th Regt. Vt. Vols.Co. ABrashear CityDec 13th 1862Dear Father

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I seat myself once more to write a few lines to let you know that I am well, and hope these lines will find you enjoying the same blessing. I have a boil coming on my hand which begins to pain me some - I guess it wont be any thing verry severe - if it should be I dont know what would become of me for I am all pining away now and I begin to think that I shall all pine away to a cart load. I was weighed yesterday, and I weighed 170 lbs. I think I shall have to get some one to help me about fore soon.

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this fore non I went up a mile & a half onto a plantation with Capt. Grout whare the government has colored men a making sugar when we was crossing the bayou in a sciff I heard cold lead whistle a little near my head than I ever had it before. some of the 21st Ind regt saw us and thought we was garillas and fired at us to have us stop; one ball struck in the watter 8 feet from us and one passed between Capt. and myself – no damage done however. There is 15 of our Co. on this plantation that we went to – to guard the nigers while they are making sugar. It is quite a curiosity to see them make sugar. first the cane is cut and drawed to the sugar house and then it is ground by passing through between two castiron

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rollers which squeases the juice all out – this sap is then boiled passing through 4 or 6 cittles – the last cittle sugars it off - it boils just as fast when the sugar is ready to take of as when it is first put into the cittles – they sugar of a batch once in ½ or ¾ of an hour. Some of the sugar mills go by steam and some are carried by mules. I had some warm sug ar to eat - but it dont taste like maple sugar.

There isent any thing new tow write we are on guard once in 6 or 7 days and drill two hours a day when it is fair weather. we have plenty to eat & drink and are enjoying our selves first rate.

There has been some rain here lately when it rains it is about as pleas ant getting around in the mud as it is out west I suppose.

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The Elmore boys are all well and happy. I wrote a letter to Brother Chase a few days ago. I am expecting some letters to nig ht when the cars come up – so I will not write any more now.

As I have not recd any letters this mail I will finish my letter this eavening. Tomorrow is the Sabath – how often I wish when the Saboth comes - that I could have the privelage of going to meeting as I have in gone by days; but instead of listening to good preaching I shall hear nothing but the confusion of Soldiers & the clacking of war impliments.

I must close for this time – please write often and oblige your son. that often thinks of his Father

J. F. Gale

(Jonas Gale)