Justus F. Gale to Sister

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[May 29, 1863]

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Heare under the leafy green wood tree
I pass the noon day sun;
Aand happer far am I than he
Who seeks but a the courtly bower.
Chorus Tra-la-la-la-la; Tra-la-la-la-
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Heare under the leafy green wood tree
I pass the moon shing night;
And sleep with swee repose
Chorus _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Heare under the fire of the rebels guns
I lay both day & night;
Tra -bang - bang - bang - bang,
Tra - boom - boom - boom - boom;
Both day and night.

Dear Sister,

I will write a few lines once more to let you know that I am yet alive and enjoying

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good health. I am now sitting beh ind a hill within shot distance of the enemy in rear of Port Hudson Port Hudson is completely sirrounded by our forces; they began the siege the 26th and to day is the 29th of May. day before yesterday our regt was in the fight nearly all day; we drove them through a peice of woods over two hills and now we lay in the edge of the woods behind one hill and the rebs behind the next; we have held this position for 48 hours; yesterday there wasent but little firing done till just at dark we had a short engagement. Even now the big guns are booming away & it is no new thing to hear a minnie go there it goes over my head; our Co. has lost in this fight 2 killed, Corporal Zolvy Seargent of Watterville & Corp Joseph Kimball of Cadys Falls; wounded was Moses Larue - Irasburg; Wm Kinsler, Cambri dge; John Chayer formerly Wolcott,

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Our regt in killed & wounded lost between 50 & 60; Port Hudson is a verry strongly fortified place: but we have full confidence that it will come - for they are cut off on every side - and deserters say that many of the men do not want to fight. their force is estimated at 6,000 and we have 40,000 or more beside the help of the gun boats. I fired nearly 100 rounds day before yesterday and had some good shots at them but whether I killed a man or not I cant say. I saw them carry of a good many killed and wounded How long it will take to gain posetion of this place is yet untold - but it must come if we have to wait and starve them out. The Elmore boys are all well and in good spirits.

We recd a mail this morning. I got a letter from Brother Cooper - of May 11th but none from home since the 12th of April but expect it is on the road some whare.

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We have plenty to eat and drink and are in a position whare we are out of danger only when we are in action and then we only need to show our head just enough to fire. I think we can stand it as long as they can.

I have just read a piece in th News Dealer about the 8th Vt in the fight on Bayou Teche. I think if even half of it is true I should like to belong to it. I havent heard from Maj Grout since we left Oppel- usas. Excuse me for this time.

May 29th 12 - M 1863 J. F. Gale