Solomon G. Heaton to Father

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Smiths Division
Headquarters.........3 Reg't Co. U DCamp GriffinNov the 17 1861Dear Father

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I now take my pen in hand to write a few lines to you I am well & hope that these few lines will find you the same I am growing as fat as a pig I can eat most any thing fit to eat I never had such an in my

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life before we are enjoying life well we dont have much work to do this fall only home guard and guard it is rather cold out hear now we have a very cold raw wind more so than we do in vermont I hope that by the time the letter reaches you if you have not the box I want you should send me a good warm to put round my face and & some neck hankerchiefs and some pins our has been uniformed and a most it is to I wish you and mother & the girls could be in the evening to the lights it looks from where we are like a

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large city all lit up we are expecting our pay every day tell Ly Lucy to be a good girl and beat all the girls and boys that go to school in spelling and reading and I will try and send her gold as soon as I paid of off to keep till I come home if that ever should be Horace Partlo wand and my self are full as soon as we paid of we are to send home our pictures in full uniform send me some Postage stamps in your next letter if you will for I cant none give my love to all of the friends [ ] write as soon as you this letter

this from your sonS. G. Heaton