Solomon G. Heaton to Mother

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Head-Quarters 3 Vermont Regiment,Co DCamp GriffinDec The 25 1861Dear Mother

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I received your kind letter and was glad to hear that you was well and was sorry to hear that Father was sick I am well and hope that your are the same I enjoy my self very well this winter we have just gone into winter quarters our camp is made right in a thick pine grove of there is a small Brook that runs around our camp we have what is called the Sylby tent there is 16 men in each tent the finds us a stove to each tent we have good provision pretty for the we have bread & coffee to eat

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most of the time we have salt and salt Pork and once and a while fresh we have enough what do you suppose I had for Thanksgiving I dont suppose you can guess can you I had a cup of coffee and a piece of bread and a piece of meat you see I was on Picket that day that was what I had to eat all day today is a pleasant day for we dont have to drill today it is the first day our regiment has had since I have been in the we have to drill 3 hours in the forenoon and from 1 oclock in the Afternoon till sun down you can judge how we have to work

Mr Bishop is ni in the cook room now I should like To send

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you a hard crackers to eat and see how you like them

I dont think of much more to write at present you can tell Mr Motley that Charley is smart and has wrote one or two letters home give my love to all of my friends tell Lucy to write a letter to me tell her to be a good girl and go to school and if I should happen to live to come home I will being her home some thing that will please her

write soon this
From your affectionate
SonSolomon Heaton

Camp Griffin