Solomon G. Heaton to Father

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Mr. H. G. Heaton
Island PondVermont


Camp near HagerstownMd.Octs, the, 30. 1862Dear Father

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I now take my pen in hand to write a few lines to you. I am well and hope that you are the same I never was in better spirits than I am now the Grand Army of the Pop Potomac has at last moved I think that there will be a very hard Fight at or near Gordonsville I think that there will be a very hard battle I think that the whole Potomac Army will cros the Potomac into Va and then look out General Franklin has not moved his Head quarters yet but expect to moved soon I was in hops that we want to going to go into Va this fall and winter for. I have got sick of the saccred soilt of Va. I have some talk of enlisted Into the Regular Cavalry I dont like my Co not one might Since the promotions

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The Capt Abuses me he treats me more like a dog than a human bein If there is any thing done In the Cos It is laid on to Heaton and he has to Bear It I cant git no Blankets to cover me at night I have put my name down for a Ruber blank and when the Rubers come I could not git one the capt give them all to the ones that did not put there names down I want to git out of the Co as soon as I can I dont know what makes the Officers dislike me so I have done my duty as a Soldier and as a man It dont make no diferance whether I am sick or not I have to work work all the same I am a going to send Mary my picture in the letter has John Shannon come home yet I want you should write all of the news write soon this from your son

S. G. Heaton