Solomon G. Heaton to Father

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Mr. H. G. Heaton
Island PondVermont

A Soldiers Speller
W H Harlan Lt Col
A W Hanna P. W.
,26 O.V.C.


Camp Near Culpeper VaOct the
4 1863Dear Father

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I now take my pen in hand to write a few lines to you I am well and hope that you are injoying the same blessing it is very nice weather here now only rather cold nights, there is not much stiring news now from the armey

I dont like General Mead very much there is to much shooting in the Armey for me there never was a man shot in the Armey of the Potomac till General Mean took command if General McClellan had the command there never would

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have been a single man shot or a man diserted as long as the Armey of the Potomac remained an Armey what is the reason that you havnt wrote before do write as soon as you git this letter I want you to send me a fair of Calfskin boots No 7 one good pair of Boots will last me till my times is out I think send me one pound of good tea and two lbs of maple sugar and three or four lbs of Good Cheese and be sure and send me a pair of Gloves two pairs of Feeting and be sure and send me two loves of rine Ind Indian bread and any thing more if you think best tell mother to send me her picture if she can I dont know of much more to write at present write soon

this from your sonS. G. Heaton