Solomon G. Heaton to Father

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Mr. H. G. Heaton
Island PondVermont


Camp of the third Regts Vt VolsNear Brandy Station VaNov the 24 1863Dear Father

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I now take my pen in hand to write a few lines to I am well and hope that these few lines will find you injoying the game blessing, the Army is going to move to morrow and I thought I would write a few lines to night our division was not on parade to day to see two men branded with a red hot pron the Letter Din the Island the right hand they are a gitting tortureing the poor soldiers worse than the wild Indian the [      ] of the Potomac cant prosper I dont beleive when they treat there Soldiers as they do, I want you

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be sure and send my [   ] as soon as posible told Mother to be sure to send me two loves of [         ] Breads send me a small piece of cheese say about two pounds & a pound or so of maple sugar tell Mary if she wants to make a small donation she may send me a pair of Reds flannel drawers, drawers and feetings, are what I nead the most besides the Boots be sure & not [    ] in no sweet cakes, tell Mr Braynard to send mn bunch of Segars the last kind if he has any compassing for a pour soldier who have the teeth ache all of the time send me a pound of Green tea, send the box in my mame name & Regt & co to Washington DC and hows division Grants Brigade and it will come to me I could send sell to or three pairs

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of Bots for good price I tell you I suppose the boots at Vt. C you may look out for a hard fig at soon

write soon this from your sonSolomon Heaton