Solomon G. Heaton to Mother

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Mrs. Mary Heaton
Island PondVermont


Camp of the third Regt 7th Vt Vols NearBrand Station VaApril the 6 1864Dear Mother

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I now take my pen in hand to write a few lines to you I am in good health now and hope that these few lines will find you injoying the same blessings we are having rather bad weather now the mud is very deep. our day pleasants the next snow or rain I have but little to say about the women in this Letter they are but little consequence to me they are [   ] in my mind and as lord vile, every me in the same scale. I had a letter from a fair writer from North Troy telling me that Heman Belden was dead he was in the 9 Regt

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down in North Carolina he was accidently shots he lived three or four days and then died Elbrige & George & Emery are well I am a going to send home a small Book called North Brownlow or the heroin of Tennesee and a [  ] record the Book to Luoy and the record to Mary

write soonS. G. Heaton