Solomon G. Heaton to Mother

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Mrs Mary Heaton
Island PondVermont


Fredericksburg VaMay the 12. 1864Dear Mother

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I am in a good health at present in the head be not alarmed for me for I am a gitting along first rate I am at work in the Hospital in this City I am in the Cook room Elbrige is wounded quite severe the ball passed through his leg but he is quite lame I think that he will be well in thre or four month George and Emery were both hit in the head right over the ear Capt Buck was wounded in the tow places you no Git Porter

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he was killed as is supposed he is missing it was a great slaughter perfor our Brigade none of the Curriers was not hurt that I no of John Mors wants hurt neither. I think that Richmond will fall in a few days at least. I dont no I much more to write at present

this from your sonSolomon Heaton