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Camp Williams La.August 30th 1862Gen. Lorenzo Thomas
Adjutant GeneralWashingtonD. C.

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In justice to the Regiment which I have the honor to command, the 7th Regiment of Vermont Volunteers, I find myself under the necessity of calling for an examination into the statements made by the Major General Commanding the Department in Orders No. 62 dated Aug. 15th 1862. Which are calculated in my opinion to bring unmented disgrace upon the Regiment and the State from which it comes.

I respectfully request that a Court of Inquiry may be assembled as soon as convenient to investigate and report upon the Battle of Baton Rouge and the part taken in that Engagement by my Regiments, with the view that justice may be done to it and the service.

Regretting Exceedingly to find myself impelt

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ed to ask for the scrutiny of a Victory which should fill all generous hearts only with gratudude and pride