William C. Holbrook to C. L. Christensen

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Col. W. C. Holbrook
New OrleansLouisiana


Head Qrs. 7th Vermont Ver. Vols.Camp neaer Mt. Vernon Ala.April 22d, 1865.C. L. Christensen,
Lieut. Col. and A. A. Genl.
"Army and Division of the West Mississippi."

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I have the honor herewith to tender my resignation as Colonel of the 7th Vermont Veteran Volunteer Infantry.

I would respectfully assign as a reason, that matters of a private nature demand my immediate attention.

I have served in the Army since the outbreak of the war, and waiving all personal and private matters, have devoted myself assidecously to the intrests of the service.

At this stage of the rebellion, I trust I can ask for an honorable discharge, I would therefore respectfully regret the favorable consideration of the Commanding General.

I have the honor to be, Sir,
Very Respectfully,
Your Obdt. Servt.W. C. Holbrook
Col. 7th Vermont Vet. Vols.

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Hd. Qrs. 7th. Vermont Vet. Vols.
April 22d. 1865.
Holbrook W. C.
Col. 7th. Vt. Vet. Vols.
Tenders his resignation as Colonel of the 7th. Vermont Vet. Volunteer Infantry and gives reasons there for
H 13. 13th Al 1865.
Head Qrs 13th Army Corps.
Mobile, Ala April 24/65
Respectfully forwarded
approved -
G. Gangen
[         ] 1865.
Major Genl Comd'y
Hash Wil DW Vt. [    ]
No May 15/65
Disappear the regiment in days [      ]for seem in the fields.
E. B. D. 182
By command of

Head Quarter 2d Brig
3d Div. 13th Comg Corps
In the Field April 22d 1865
approved and Respectfully
Henry Day
Col Comdg 2d Brig
Hd qr 3d La. 13 Ala
In the Field. Ala
April 22d 1865
Approvd and respect
fully forwarded
W Benton
By Gen Comdy
my best E.R.S.Canby
C.H. Dyen
Rec'd Hd 2nd 13th a.d. May 17, 1865