Albert A. May to Friends

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Camp near Wite Oak ChurchBell Plains VaMarch 9th 1863Dear Friends

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I take this opporunity of writing to answer your welcome letter which I rec'd the 7th and would home answered before if I had had time I was very glad to hear from you and most of all to hear that you were well and I hope this will find you blessed with as good health as I am enjoying at the present time. I have got all over my sickness of a few weeks ago and now feel as well as I ever did in my life and I am the heaviest now that I ever was.

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The army is in great deal better spirits now them they was a month ago the warm spring weather that one are having has made a great change in the feelings of the soldiers and one all again hope for the best.

It is just one year ago tomorrow that the Army of the Potomac left their mint quarters and started on the march to open their [       ] Campaign and how long it will be before me are on the move again is more than any of us can tell but I hope it will be before long if it will have anything to do toward setting this war.

There is a good deal of talk throughout the Army about this Conscription [   ] and the nine months we all say that they will schel rather than he kept after their time are out and we have got a Camp story ordered here that there is one of the Clemants Regiment going home & enfore the chapt but I do not [       ] any thing about but if it is so I hope that the 2nd Vt will be the lucky one and it belongs to me if any because we one tho

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oldest Regiment from the State but that will not be am luck. but they are giving fifteen days furlow to fine men not of a hundred throughout the Army but I do not care much about going home just for fifteen days, but as the boys all say I have got only fifteen months more to stay out here before my time is out that is two tent if I move discharged when my time is out and not have this man settled I should not stay at home contented and think of the poor Soldiers down in dixeey and so I think if my time was out & abundant unhit again of unless the one news was settled in that case I should stay at home to live in peace with my friends and relations

At present
Yours TrulyAlbert May