Benjamin F. Parmenter to Brother

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Union HospitalGeorgetownOct 29th 1861Brother

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I received your letter to day The acct with meads is all right You need not flatter yourselves of my comeing home till the war is over for I could not if I were ever so much determined to the policy of the war department has been to keep every one here no matter what their circumstances are of health or any other cause so I shall have stay where I be contented I am to day better have set up this afternoon two hours for the first time I think I am gaining first rate

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and if I have no pull back shall be out again in a few days I feel quite encouraged I had a letter from P. E. Chase to he says none the rest of our town boys are on the sick list Their duty is hard They drill four times a day once with knapsacks on

Oct 30th in the morning I did not finish this last night and have commeced on it this morning I feel pretty well after my setting up yesterday am smart enough so I try it again to day I do not think I will go to the camp again right away shall not go till I get strong am pleased to think I can get of the bed and set up a while it seems like new life to me

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I don’t hear any news from home now only what you write me what is J E Wells doing who runs the blacksmith shop now how is Benj getting along did he get his logs all out last spring how is money with you. who takes care of Bro. Cha's cattle and place while he is off J. L. Spaulding how is he does Dawley trade much is the Post office moved yet what has ever been done with our box Where is Marvin Frost what is he doing is Mason Davis doing any thing this summer Larkin works in the shop I suppose is Ira doing anything at all Pollie writes me that Baker carries the mail does Martin and aunt Darkess get along yet I must say if he and she can get along together

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Pigs and chickens will next Fred I am getting sick of this war business there is so much humbug in it in the first place we lack for officers and the Lord only knows how we are going to manufacture them It is not for country it is to get a good place and then our people are not united I believe the Southern confederacy is a fixed fact and I had rather it would be so than to see things go along as they have been I want to see this affair ended but I see no prospect of it we have been humbugged long enough with it A southern empire is sure to established sooner or later but I have writen more now than you will believe so I will stop write soon as you can

B. F. Parmenter