A. [G.] Browne to John Wolcott Phelps

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Oct. 29th 1861.To Brig. Gen'l John W. Phelps,U.S. Volunteers,Newport News, Va.General:

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I beg leave to ask of you a personal favor in behalf of some personal friends, whom I know your kindness of heart will induce you to oblige, if it is practicable.

A townsman, schoolmet, and old friend of myself, - Lieut. Charles L. Pierson, Adjutant of our gallant Massachusetts 20th, - was taken prisoner, at the same time with Col. Lee and Major Revere, at the battle of the 21st [insh] near Leesburg, and has probably been removed to Richmond. I wish to forward to him

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these letters from his relatives, and I think perhaps an opportunity may be afforded to do so by means of some one of the flags of truce which we read are passing almost between Norfolk and Fortress Monroe or Newport News. I am confident that you will be glad to do this from respect our Lieut. Pierson's gallantry, as well as from kindness to myself, and -

With constant respect and regard
I am
Yours sincerelyA. G. Browne
Lt Col. & Military Sec'y.