A. [G.] Browne to John Wolcott Phelps

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Transcription : Megan Resnick

Published by: University of Vermont, Bailey/Howe Library, Center for Digital Initiatives on 2010-12-01

Oct. 29th 1861.

To Brig. Gen'l John W. Phelps,
U.S. Volunteers,
Newport News, Va.


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I beg leave to ask of you a personal favor in behalf of some personal friends, whom I know your kindness of heart will induce you to oblige, if it is practicable.

A townsman, schoolmet, and old friend of myself, - Lieut. Charles L. Pierson, Adjutant of our gallant Massachusetts 20th, - was taken prisoner, at the same time with Col. Lee and Major Revere, at the battle of the 21st [UNCLEAR: "insh" ] near Leesburg, and has probably been removed to Richmond. I wish to forward to him -------------------------------- Page 2 --------------------------------these letters from his relatives, and I think perhaps an opportunity may be afforded to do so by means of some one of the flags of truce which we read are passing almost [DELETED: "" by author] between Norfolk and Fortress Monroe or Newport News. I am confident that you will be glad to do this from respect our Lieut. Pierson's gallantry, as well as from kindness to myself, and -

With constant respect and regard
I am
Yours sincerely

A. G. Browne
Lt Col. & Military Sec'y.

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