[Le Grand B. Cannon] to John Wolcott Phelps

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Pine LawnBurlington Vt.Oct 15/62My Dear Genl

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I notice by the papers this Evening, that you are again in Vermont & have addressed Numbers of the Legistlation upon the great National topic.

Like yourself I am out of the service

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resigning in July. With my health & my much impared by the climate of the "James River".

Our views in regard to the cause of the Rebellion, as also the means to be used in extinguishing it, are so much in consonence that it would give me much pleasure to review with you the past & attempt - with our limited powers - to influence the future of this vital struggle of our country.

I should be most happy to have a visit from you at my place here & hope you will not only gratify me but a large number of your friends in this town.

I leave for

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my winter residence in New York about the 25th, previous to which date I shall feel honored by haveing you as my guest.

Yours Very CordiallyLe G B Cannon
late Col USA & ADC
Genl Wool

Genl Phelps