George W. Quimby to Emeline B. Masta

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Mrs. Emeline B. Masta


Camp Griffin VaJan 26, 1862Dear sister:

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I have a chance to send my mineature to you today by Marshall Smith our waitor who is going home and so I will tho. if I do not have a chance to get another one better I hope to send to mother I shall want you to give it to her.

I did not have time to sit but once and do not think it very good but the best I can send now - We have to send Marshall home as he is deaf and will not

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nor be able to anything for something.

Capt. Tucker wishes me to tell you that his wife will pay that note you hold against him by your sending it to Northfield Bank for collection or by your sending it by Express with instructions to the express agent to collect it. You can do as you think best. We are expecting to make an advance soon and very likely shall before I write you again, at least everything looks more like it than before since we have been here. My health is very good and I weight 160 lbs.

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My love to you and Ida and the little one and remember me kindly to all friends.

Your brotherG. W. Quimby