George W. Quimby to Mother

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Camp near WilliamsportOn the Potomac MDSept 21st 1862My dear mother

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I wrote to you from Rockville that I was to start from there to join the Regt. the next day but I did not reach the Regt. till Fri. night from the difficulty in finding the Regt. and so I was not engaged in the Battle fields and saw the horrid sights the dead Rebels lay in heaps of 300 or 400. Oh what horrid sights, and last night after ten o'clock we marched over the Battle field with all its stench for 2 mils

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the dead are not yet buried such are the numbers - the loss was fearful on both sides - but they must have lost double what we did. I am fearful now if the sight of Wednesday is believe the cost muct than 30000 since coming into Md. My health is improving, and I am in hopes to be able to keep along with the Army now if the marchings are not today. Do not worry

Your affectionate son,G. W. Quimby