Henry A. Smith to Family

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Camp near AlexandriaSept 24 1862Dear Mother Sisters and Brothers

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I received you letter of the 7th Sept in due time also the money I answered the letter the 11th and put it in the mail with the letter containing the 12 dollars you ought to receive them both the same time it was luckey that you got the one with the money. I recd you letter dated the 18th yesterday As you did not get my other letter I will write some that wrote before We joined the regt. near Munsons Hill then moved back here and Camped shall stay here untill we get recruited and get some new horses my old horse I left at Warrenton all used up and bunged up then took another to ride here and used him up by the time we got to Manassas there I left

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the regt to get along the best I could not knowing the road I got out on to the battle field but soon found out which way I could go and which I could not from there I went a foot to Centreville and led my horse and laid down in the wet grass to get a little rest the next morning I was luckey enough to find our own teams I got into one of them and rode to Alexandria I have no horse now Gene has been sick with the Tiphoid fever has got some better The man that was tied to the tree had his horse hitched to a post eating Oats the Orderly Sergeant told him to tie him to ano ther place said that was his place the man did not obey his order and he reported him to the Lieutenant and the Lieut then ordered him to stand on a barrel to punish him and he said he would not stand there for spectators to look at he was then tied to a tree and to be kept there untill he was willing to stand I have wrote to Father

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on the barrel there he hung 36 hours without any thing to eat or drink all the time about half the regt collected to gether and cut him down in spite of the Officers then they gave the Orderly three groans and called for a rail feathers and tar the rail was brought but the Chaplin made a little speech and advised the boys to return to their tents which they done after giving him three cheers the man was kept under guard four days and released his name is John H Willard of Hartland. I suppose Carter was in the battles in Maryland at least his Division was it was not far from Manassas the I saw him last it would be impossible for me to find him as he is far from hear I fear he is killed I dont dont think you had better sell the Oxen. Some of the boys have got body Guards as they call them little live fellows on their Shirts but do all they can to guard aganst them but I will tell you another

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story now We got in last night from a long Scout been chasing rebels again went out as far as Fairfax C h and took the right hand road got up as far as Aldie and came to the rebel pickets followed them all the afternoon till night started the next morning and found about a dozen of them on picket we got within 10 rods of them before they ran they fired one shot and wounded Henry Holt in the hip we chased them about 15 miles they would stop at every hill and fire at us then run about 5 miles beyond Uperville they made a stand about one regiment of them Co I on the right deployed as Skirmishers and Co E on the left the rest of the regt in the road with drawn Sabres this way we advanced within 40 rods of them here the Carbines cracked away smart it sounded like poping corn Co I had gone round a little hill and got partly behind them then the boys in the road we knew were Charging by the loud fierce yells

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The rebels had to climb a rail fence and before all got over our boys reached them with their Sabres Lieut Col Preston lately promoted was wounded in the arm Capt Perkins of Co H was killed his Lieut wounded in three places and three or four privates were wounded four rebels killed about 15 prisoners and one Lieutenant Col taken he had 5 Sabre cuts on his head he said it was the damdest Cavalry he ever saw every one that came along hit him a cut over the head, we also took two rebel teams mules and drivers and if we had got there 24 hours sooner could took 900 teams they were completely routed and all Skedaddled out of sight a place name Middleburg we went through in the night and when we went back about 800 rebels were there sick and wounded all were taken and Paroled [There] we had a fair chance to see a

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specimen of the rebel Army no two were alike some wore raged coats and pants some bare foot and bare head and some without Shirts there were some pretty girls with their noses and mouthes out of shape not a great many Soldiers have passed through them parts I should think by the looks of the country I have got the Gun all done up ready to send I am going to send it by Express if I can get a pass to go to the City am afraid I cant send it at all I dont think of any more to write now answer soon

FromHenry A Smith