Henry A. Smith to Family

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Camp near AlexandriaOct 11th 1862Dear Mother Sisters and Brothers

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I received yours of the 6 and 9 to day did not expect a letter so soon but am glad to hear from you so often I received your letter with Marys Picture in it and answered it the 10th put it in the mail this morning. your last letter came in two days. If I make any mistakes just correct them I know how to spell but write in such a hurry that I dont think. Sometimes I dont read my letters after I get them wrote. We are having some rain now have not had any before for some time. you ought to be here and look across the river and hear the great Guns go off and see the 100 pound shot go bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum along on the water. these are fired

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from the Washington Navy yard I got a letter from Frank the 9th and wrote to her the 10th It was a hard one for Carter to get wounded I am sorry for him hope he will soon be able to get out again. What regiment is Charlie Clark in and what Company I heard that John Munsill was in a camp not far from here. I like to see the new recruits get hold of a Sabre and try to go through with the motions one of the greenies went up to the Commisaries and tried to draw a candle another went up and asked how much they had to pay for Beef Mike has done first rate killing so many Squirrels. Ah Cud. When you send the box put in that Fur Collar I want it to sew on to my coat collar. you need not send any Butter but send some Apples dont let old Cross make my boots I would

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rather not have any made Lant Blake is so sick they dont think he will live. I believe I have wrote all the news and every thing else that I can think of I must close now by biding you good bye

Write soonHenry A Smith